Prinzziple, Top Ten Congress Senior Western Pleasure and Western Pleasure Maturity in 2002, was not shown until the age of 8 years.  This incredible loper did not see the show pen until an aged breeding stallion.  In January 2001, we set out on a mission to prepare, show, and qualify Prinzziple for the AQHA World Show.  Within 90 days, Prinzziple, an aged un-shown breeding stallion was ready to show.  The Oklahoma Spring Show-circuit champion, the Abilene Amateur Circuit - Current champion, The Southern Belle-circuit champion were our first three horse shows.  WOW!  What an accomplishment!  This shows natural talent, great mind, and incredible movement from Prinzziple.  During the fall of 2002, Prinzziple was finalist at AQHA World Show Senior Western Pleasure, Congress Senior Western Pleasure, and Congress Lid. and Open Western Pleasure Maturity.

          Senior Western Pleasure Points - 67 points
          Finalist 2002 - QH Congress Sr. Western Pleasure
          Finalist 2002 - QH Congress Ltd. Maturity
          Finalist 2002 - QH Congress Open Maturity
          Finalist 2002 - AQHA World Show Sr. Western  Pleasure

          Top Ten 2002 - QH Congress Sr. Western Pleasure
          Top Ten 2002  - QH Congress Open Maturity
          2002 - Winner 9 NSBA Events
          2002 #2 NSBA Sr. Western Pleasure Horse
          2002 National Sr. Western Pleasure High Point


Recap 2001 - Prinzziple, an 8 yr. old breeding stallion that hadn't been saddled for 5 years that earns over 25 points in his first three horse shows and is a Finalist at the Congress and World Shows.  Sounds incredible!

Year 2002 - Breeding season gives Prinzziple a much deserved rest, but leaves him not qualified for the 2002 AQHA World Show.  On June 20, 2002, Prinzziple returns to Donnie Recchuiti and is ridden for one week at home and one week at the Tom Powers Futurity.  Then Prinzziple is shown in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, during this 20 day circuit, Prinzziple earns 37.5 points and wins 9 NSBA events.  Remember, only 2 weeks under saddle!  Fantastic!

During the fall of 2002, Prinzziple earned tow 7th place finishes at the Congress in the Senior Western Pleasure and Western Pleasure Maturity.  WOW!  A lot of accomplishment with very limited showing at a very late age.  The 3 weeks of showing  in July and the trip to Congress earned Prinzziple the 2002 #2 NSBA Senior Western Pleasure Horse and the 2002 National High Point Senior Western Pleasure Horse.  Prinzziple showed great movement, incredible talent and his very sensible mind during his late and limited show career.

FLASH!  Click to Prinzziples Pride
Prinzziples Pride, 2002 gelding, wins 2004 Congress Reserve Champion 2 Yr. Old Non Pro Western Pleasure with Tate Oakley and 3rd AQHA World Show 2 Yr. Old Western Pleasure with  Tina Kaven.






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